International Gamer Pubcast VR Special: Virtual Reality Is Exciting Again

To mark the start of this new VR miniseries, JJ and Rhys talk about the headsets they own, their top three VR games, what they’ve been playing in VR, and the latest VR news.


International Gamer Pubcast 4: The Drunken Challenge One

This week, Richie, JJ, and Rhys talk about the games they’ve been playing, industry news, games outside our comfort zones, and cloud gaming.


International Gamer Pubcast 3: The Rock Band Band

JJ, Richie, and Rhys chat about what they’ve been playing, Riot’s killer strategy, JJ’s Tarkov obsession, Richie’s WoW obsession, and more. We also challenge ourselves to play one game each that’s out of our comfort zone!


International Gamer Pubcast 2: Alessandro Loves Phil Spencer

Sony skips E3, Horizon Zero Dawn may be en route to PC, Cyberpunk 2077 gets a hefty delay, and more! Richie is out this week (hungover), so Italian JRPG-lovin’ Alessandro fills in.


International Gamer Pubcast 1: Gouda of the Year (GOTY)

Ten beers, a Sekiro rant, games of the decade, and how to pronouce Gouda like a Dutchie.