Rhys is the name and writing about games is my … game. Shit, the copywriting textbooks always said to start strong. Ah well! I’m an avid gamer, an unabashed imbiber of IPA, a self-confessed word nerd and a regular gym goer – in Pokémon RPGs. Dragon Gaming’s where I write about my biggest passion.

My love of writing spans back as far as I can remember. Enticed by the gaming magazines of the ’90s, I tried my hand at penning my own articles as a kid, and I haven’t looked back since. Aficionado of all things gaming, skateboarding and metal (yup, not much has changed since he was a teen), I now live in the Netherlands working as a writer for Newzoo, the world leader in analytics for games and esports.


Get in touch at rhys.thomas.elliott@gmail.com; if you prefer social media, I’m on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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